Discover the southern Sauerland!

The Land of the Thousand Mountains, that’s how the Sauerland with its numerous hills and mountains likes to be called. However, it is not only our many mountains that invite you to hike. You can also find nature at the large dams and caves. The Biggsee is one of the largest dams, which has been wonderfully integrated into the landscape. Lookout towers, like the Hohe Bracht or the Rhine-Weser Tower are the destination for day hikes and biker tours. Dripstone caves, such as the Atta Cave near Attendorn, are another highlight. More than 40 million visitors from all over the world have already been captivated by Germany’s largest and probably most beautiful stalactite cave.

Or quite modern, with an ancient name: “The Sauerland Pyramids”. They are a place of wonder and amazement.

As you can see, there is a lot to experience. We are looking forward to planning your trip with you!